Satureja montana

Satureja montana(Winter savory)
-essential oil, hydrolate, dried herbs-

Latin: Satureia Montana

English: Winter savory
French: Poivre d’ail, Poivre d’âne, Sarriette de montagne, Sarriette vivace, Savourée
German: Das Winter-Bohnenkraut, Berg-Bohnenkraut
Family: Lamiaceae.
Common names: Stone scream, horse scream, birch, mountain mint.
Coastal scream or birch, birch, heather, heather, stone heather, horse scream, small scream, blue firefly, has been used as a good spice since ancient times as a seasoning for food and for canning meat. It can often be found in spice blends called Provencal herbs (instead of savory). The coastal scream gives a lot of nectar and pollen, and beekeepers love it very much. Honey is green in color and is difficult to crystallize.
Primorski vrisak is an evergreen perennial shrubby plant that grows up to 50 cm in height, with narrow and small leaves that are glandularly protruding, arranged in tufts on round and hairy twigs.
At the top of the twigs develop white flowers with purple dots, and less often red flowers with purple dots.
The flowers are arranged usually 3 to 5 on a common stalk are
The shoots are green or pale green, and in the upper part more or less purple or reddish.
The stem with branches is finely hairy, woody at the base, round or slightly square in cross section.
The plant has a pleasant aromatic scent.
Of the thirty or so known species of the genus Satureia, Satureja montana is used in phytopharmacy.
The most famous species in our area are: Satureja hortensis L. (red-violet flowers), Satureja subspicata (red-violet flower, rarely white flower) and Satureja montana L. (purple-eastern flowers,
Flowering time is from July to October.
It grows on dry, rocky and sunny slopes, with plenty of limestone, all the way to the sea. It is widespread in the area of ​​Mediterranean and sub-Mediterranean vegetation.
Except in Croatia, it can be found on the Iberian Peninsula, southern France, Italy, the Balkan Peninsula, Asia Minor and around the Caspian Sea.
The dry habitat has conditioned this plant to develop xeromorphic traits, among which is the production of essential oil.
The plant is mainly Mediterranean and sub-Mediterranean climate, in composition and application very similar to savory.
The flowering plant and young spring twigs are collected in July and August. Dry in a warm and airy place in the shade. Store the dried plant in a jar and seal well.
They say that a person remembers smells the longest.
Medicinal content:
Coastal scream contains essential oil with cinnamon, corvacrol, cimol, caryophyllene, phenol, resin, mucus, mineral salts and shakes.
Related species:
In the Mediterranean area, related species are Satureja hortensis and Satureja subspicata.
All three species are thought to be of similar composition and action.
The genus Satureja consists of perennial semi-shrubs, which are more or less aromatic. It includes over 30 species.
It inhabits mostly rocky meadows, pastures, semi-sands and rocks that are sheltered from strong winds. Mediterranean.
Coastal scream gives an essential oil rich in phenols and is not popular in cosmetics.
First of all, it is an excellent antibacterial and antiviral oil.
It has an immunostimulating and toning effect on the whole organism.
It is indicated for bacterial lung infections, gastrointestinal and urogenital infections.
The stimulating effect is expressed in general fatigue and nervousness.
Care should be taken because given the amount of phenol in the oil, it should be used in a low dose and with great caution.
In overdose it can damage the skin and mucous membranes of the digestive system. Do not use it for long-term therapies.
The most suitable method of therapy is in special pharmaceutical forms (capsules, suppositories).
Scream oil is an ingredient in shampoos and extracts that help with initial baldness.
The ointment is used to treat arthritic joints.

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